What Micronutrients Are Needed for Nails?

Today, more and more women are faced with the problem that natural nails grow very poorly. First, they break off, then break. In general, you can not grow your nails. In this regard, more women are resorting to nail extensions.
I want to say that this procedure has not been relevant for a long time. There is nothing better than natural beauty. That raises the question of how you can grow natural nails.
What does that require?
It is extremely important to include in your diet products that contain micronutrients. These substances will promote their growth in every possible way.
Silicon. Eat more potatoes, peppers, asparagus. These products contain silicon. With it, you can prevent the exfoliation of nails.
Calcium. To nails become stronger, eat every morning cottage cheese. This is one of the leaders in the content of this trace element.
Zinc. Add sesame, peanuts to the diet. Nails will become less brittle. They will be easier to grow.
With the help of proper nutrition, you can always improve your health and improve your appearance.
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