We Gain Weight Correctly

Today, women are faced with the fact that they can not gain weight. Do not think that losing weight is a more pressing problem. Weight gain is also sharply discussed on the Internet. Sometimes, you can not gain weight.
What can be done in this situation?
It is necessary to gain weight correctly. In no case can not recruit it through binge eating. This is wrong and can have a bad effect on health.
It is much more reasonable to start eating properly and rationally.
For breakfast, muesli with milk, tea and bread and butter are ideal. This breakfast is very healthy and nutritious.
For lunch, you need to eat soup, pasta with meat and salad with sour cream. On a choice to a garnish meat and a fish.
For dinner, you need to make porridge with milk. After that, you need to drink a cup of tea and eat another sandwich with butter.
If we talk about lunch and lunch, then there is nothing better than a sandwich with sausage.
Before going to bed, there is nothing better than a glass of yogurt. Kefir must be a high percentage of fat.
Collect and reset the weight correctly, so as not to harm your health.
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