Protection Against Ticks

Many people like to spend a day off in the woods. It’s a pretty enjoyable pastime. You can always fry shish kebab, admire the beauty of nature, enjoy the tender rays of the sun and the magic singing of birds. It seems that nothing can overshadow such a beautiful day. But this is not so.
It is important to remember that there are many dangers in the forest of man. Some of them are ticks. They can attack a person. Their bite can infect a person with very dangerous diseases (encephalitis, Lyme disease).
So, how can you protect and protect yourself from a tick bite?
In the forest it is necessary to wear clothes with long sleeves and with a high neck. On legs pants and socks. It is best that the pants are tucked into socks. So the mite can not stick to the skin. It is best to wear sneakers for a walk in the forest. The headpiece should be on the head. Every 30 minutes you need to examine yourself and those who are with you in nature. If the parasite is found in time, then everything can do. In this case, it is important to have a means of protection against ticks. Many of them can be applied directly to clothing.
Take care of yourself and your family!
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