Healthy Eating of the Elderly

In the elderly, all people must take care of their food. This is important for every person, because it affects your health.
What is a healthy diet for a person of advanced age? Immediately I want to say that it is important to exclude fried foods. They contain a lot of fat. And this is bad for the condition of blood vessels, because they are clogged with cholesterol plaques. Cooking food is best in the oven or a couple. Such products are useful for the body.
From the diet it is necessary to exclude sweets. They lead to the development of diabetes and obesity. And already obesity can cause increased pressure. Sweets can always be replaced with dried fruits. It will not only be useful, but also delicious.
Undoubtedly, the diet should contain a large number of vegetables and fruits. These products are very useful. They contain vitamins and minerals that are good for the health of an elderly person.
Undoubtedly, you can not exclude cottage cheese and milk. Bones in old age are very weak. Drink milk and eat kefir to saturate the body with calcium.
Do not be ill!
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